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The Economic Development Strategy (EDS) has a national outlook, which aims to develop existing sectors, such as fishing, agriculture, tourism and the service sector, as well as new industries that enable economic diversification. It aims to “broaden the sectors of economic activity, enlarge the enterprise base, and grow external markets”, while ensuring a “sustainable economic future in the Falkland Islands”. It identifies the barriers to growth, many of which make up our business plan priorities, and sets out short, medium and long term objectives. Similar to our overall objectives, the EDS proposes to enhance the productive capacity of existing industries, encourage economic diversification and strengthen the business environment to ensure long-term economic prosperity. To achieve the strategic goals encompassed within the EDS we are tasked with providing the framework and infrastructure to enable its delivery.

As a member of the public & private sector partnership that developed the EDS document, we were assigned the following Action Points:

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