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Strategic & Creative
Governments and Business Consulting

Our Services

FCM Consulting works with national, and regional governments, city municipalities, quasi-government agencies such as development funds and trade associations as well as government-owned, NGOs and overseas private companies, to realize their economic and social goals. 

We work with bold, ambitious leaders who are not satisfied with the status quo and eager for change to address the key strategic tools that improve performance and help public-sector entities do the work they do better.

Our experience serving public-sector clients encompasses the following areas, to name a few:

  • Economic development and sector strategies 
  • Financial Architecture
  • Strategic project capitalization strategies
  • Cost and service-quality improvements
  • Social Economic Planning 
  • Social Programs enhancements 
  • Organizational design 
  • Strategic alliances & partnerships
  • IT infrastructure
  • Bilateral relationships
  • Crypto strategies 
We are local and established with solid relationships in the markets you need or from where you have a special need.

Business Strategy

We can point you in the right direction towards a successful business transaction. We have an in-house group of professionals in various investment areas.


We can put together strategic wealth management strategies such as Charitable Remainder Trust, Annuity, unitrusts or Donor Advised Funds.

Finance Advice

We are partners with experienced asset management teams who have structured unparalleled arbitrage hedging bond and US treasury strategies.


We help you turn your idea or business into a business system. We take your idea apart and focus on individual pieces to turn into into a system.

Business Development

We audit your capital basis so that we can single out valuables we can use in your goals favor and we take those which are not and we optimize their performance.

Finance Advice

We Make Difference

We can give best facilities for business

Work with best Finance Team

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